Hide Elements

By John Flatness Hide admin-specified metadata elements.
Download 1.4

Hide Elements

A plugin for Omeka

This plugin lets administrators choose metadata elements to hide. Elements can separately be hidden from the edit form, display on the admin side, display on the public side, and the search form.

Version History


  • Added initial support for Omeka 2.2.
  • Fixed hiding on search for localized sites.
  • Minor interface improvements (thanks @miniol)


  • Added support for hiding elements from items advanced search.
  • Added configurable overriding of hide selections by role.


  • Fixed hiding of Item Type metadata elements for display.


  • Initial release.
Version Released Minimum Omeka version
1.4August 09, 2023 [info]2.0
1.3June 21, 2014 [info]2.0
1.2March 08, 2014 [info]2.0
1.1April 23, 2013 [info]2.0