GDriveLinks Plugin

By Eric C. Weig Uses the URL Item Type Metadata field to create links to Google Drive documents and/or embeds Google Drive documents within Omeka item views.
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Omeka Item Type Metadata Field


Valid Google Drive Links

For an embed object: (

For a hyperlink: (

Configuration Settings

The following settings are configurable for this plugin.

Default Link Behavior: This checkbox controls whether or not hyperlinks or embedded object link within the current tab or spawn a new one.

Default Link Text Value: This can be set to any desired text string.

Default Embed Width Value: This is the iframe width value.

Default Embed Height Value: This is the iframe height value.

Google Drive File Sharing Permissions

Files on Google Drive must be given appropriate sharing perissions in order to work with this plugin. More information on Google Drive file sharing can be accessed at [].

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Version Released Minimum Omeka version
1.0.0February 24, 2020 [info]2.0