By Jean-Baptiste Heren and Daniele Binaghi Adds a faceted navigation block to narrow down Items and Collections search results by applying multiple filters
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Plugin for Omeka Classic. Once installed and active, allows to insert a Faceted search refining block containing available metadata values extracted from browsing context. Works for both Items and Collections.

Settings allow to choose the hook to be used, which criteria to use for search refinement, whether to ignore single entries, sorting order for values, whether to show values popularity, whether to use an horizontal or vertical layout, whether to make the block collapsible, etc.


Original development is part of the Armarium Project, managed by the french association AR2L Hauts de France.

Fixed and improved version by DBinaghi.


Uncompress files and rename plugin folder "Facets".

Then install it like any other Omeka plugin.

(optional) Theme customization

Facets will appear by default in the Items browse and Collections browse pages, where the public_items_browse and public_collections_browse hooks are set. It is possible to use instead a custom public_items_facets hook, that can be positioned wherever needed (YOUR_THEME/items/browse.php or YOUR_THEME/common/header.php, f.i.) according to the theme used; in such a case, the use of get_specific_plugin_hook_output function is suggested.

For Thanks, Roy theme, for example, best way is to change common/header.php code using the custom hook, while unchecking Block collapsible option and setting Vertical as Block layout:

<div id="search-container" role="search">
    <?php if (get_theme_option('use_advanced_search') === null || get_theme_option('use_advanced_search')): ?>
    <?php echo search_form(array('show_advanced' => true)); ?>
    <?php else: ?>
    <?php echo search_form(); ?>
    <?php endif; ?>
<?php echo get_specific_plugin_hook_output('Facets', 'public_facets', array('view' => $this)); ?>

For Berlin theme, instead, check Block collapsible option, set Horizontal as Block layout and then add the custom hook in items/browse.php and collections/browse.php:

<?php echo item_search_filters(); ?>

<?php echo get_specific_plugin_hook_output('Facets', 'public_facets', array('view' => $this)); ?>

<?php echo pagination_links(); ?>

Background and foreground colors, as well as other parameters, can be customized in facets.css file (views/public/css folder).

Plugin configuration

The elements used for search refinement can be selected in the configuration page; best practice suggestion is to activate only elements that are displayed in the browse page, and that are offering some kind of data aggregation (a unique id would not offer any really useful refinement).

Similarly, one can choose to also include Item Types, Collections and Tags to the facets block.

Single values can be exluded as not really significant, although they will be listed anyway if less than 5 values are available.

Facets block can be set up for vertical or horizontal layout, according to the theme layout; and it can be made collapsible, to use less vertical space (recommended for horizontal layout).

Style for facets can be either dropdown selectbox, or checkbox; this last one allows to choose more values, while with the first one one value excludes other. For checkbox style, a minimum amount of values can be set too.

Sorting order can be alphabetical, or first by popularity and then alphabetical. Popularity count can be shown, if needed.

Date element filter's behaviour is a bit different: dates are ordered decrescently, and only year is displayed; consequently, the matching will be with the beginning of the date (assuming the format is 'yyyy-mm-dd'). By default, the following are considered date fields: 'Date', 'Date Available', 'Date Created', 'Date Accepted', 'Date Copyrighted', 'Date Submitted', 'Date Issued', 'Date Modified', 'Date Valid' (the list can be changed in browse.php file).


MIT Licence, please credit AR2L AR2L Hauts de France and Daniele Binaghi.

Version Released Minimum Omeka version
2.9August 04, 2022 [info]2.6.1
2.8.1December 11, 2021 [info]2.6.1
2.7.1October 03, 2021 [info]2.6.1
2.7September 29, 2021 [info]2.6.1
2.6.1July 23, 2021 [info]2.6.1
2.5July 18, 2021 [info]2.6.1
2.4July 07, 2021 [info]2.6.1
2.3July 05, 2021 [info]2.6.1
2.2June 13, 2021 [info]2.6.1
2.0June 09, 2021 [info]2.6.1