By BibLibre Extensible export plugin
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Export plugin for Omeka

A generic export plugin that intends to be easily extensible by other plugins.

Plugins can declare new Writers. Writers are responsible for exporting Omeka data into a file.

The Export plugin provides a basic Writer that exports all items into a CSV file.

How to declare a new Writer

A plugin that wants to declare a new Writer would look like this:

class MyExportWriterPlugin extends Omeka_Plugin_AbstractPlugin
    protected $_hooks = array('initialize');

    public function hookInitialize()
        $events = Zend_EventManager_StaticEventManager::getInstance();
        $events->attach(ExportPlugin::class, 'writers', array($this, 'getWriters'));

    public function getWriters()
        return array(
            'my' => 'MyExportWriter_Writer',

where MyExportWriter_Writer is the name of class that implements at least Export_Writer. It can also implements Export_Configurable and Export_Parametrizable.

Version Released Minimum Omeka version
0.1.0October 31, 2017 [info]2.0