By Adam Doan Consume and inject an RSS feed into an Omeka site.
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Omeka Blogger

A plugin for Omeka Classic, eliminating the need to recreate the behaviour of a blog using Simple Pages.

Instead, this plugin allows you to present any RSS feed as a list of blog posts. This means that you can let a blogging platform like Wordpress handle the blog functionality and simply include that content into your Omeka site.

All you have to do is add a shortcode to your simple page, and this plugin will automatically fetch and render the blog posts for you.

How do I use this?

Just add the following shortcode in your Simple Page:

[blog url=]

The URL parameter is required, and should provide the URL to the RSS feed you would like to embed.

The plugin provides a number of parameters to tweak the behaviour of the plugin:


  • display=long renders the full content of each blog post in the page.
  • display=short renders a shorter version of the blog post in the page.

For example:

[blog url= display=short]

Default value: long if not specified.


Limits the number of posts to include in the page.

For example, the following will include at most 5 blog posts:

[blog url= limit=5]

Default value: displays all posts if not specified.


Control wether the blog titles are presented as links or not. links=true will present blog titles as links pointing to the source blog post. links=false will present the blog titles as plain text.

For example:

[blog url= links=true]

Default value: false if not specified.


Controls whether a link to the blog is presented at the bottom of the blog list.

  • more=true will include a More link
  • more=false will not include a More link.

For example:

[blog url= more=true]

Default Value: false if not specified.

Version Released Minimum Omeka version
1.1February 26, 2018 [info]2.0