Block Party

By Jeremy Guillette Adds new, useful Exhibit blocks, like groups of Items, Collections, or other Exhibits.
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Block Party

A collection of useful block types for exhibits in Omeka.

Currently, this plugin adds three different block types for use in Omeka Exhibits, Item groups, Collection groups, and Exhibit groups. These blocks allow you to create custom queries for these content types and integrate them into an exhibit.

These group block types were created with classroom use of Omeka in mind, so that if students are given an assignment to create exhibits in Omeka based on a set of items ("Write an essay on one of these artifacts", for example), the items and the exhibits can easily be grouped together in their own exhibit, showcasing the work of the entire class.

Version Released Minimum Omeka version
1.0.1December 07, 2021 [info]
0.1May 31, 2019 [info]