Tags are keywords or phrases that describe a piece of data. They are non-hierarchical labels that classify your content so that it is easily found.

Tags in left nav

To manage your tags, sign into the Omeka admin panel and select Tags from the left-hand navigation bar. This displays all the tags associated with items in your archive. You may edit tags, delete tags, view items associated with individual tags, and sort tags.

A tag labeled with sections labelled with 1, 2, and 3.

Each tag used on your site appears as a unit which gives you the following (per the number labels in the above image: 1. the number of items with that tag; 2. the name of the tag; 3. the option to delete the tag.

View Tagged Items

To view items associated with an individual tag, click on the number to the left of the name of your tag. A browse page opens displaying only items tagged with the tag you clicked.

Edit a Tag

Editing a tag allows you to rename a tag. Tags edited in the admin panel change on all items across the site wherever they appear.


To edit a tag: - Click on the name of the tag you wish to edit. - Enter changes you would like to make in the field. - Hit Enter and your tag is saved with its new name.

Delete a Tag

Deleting a tag removes all occurrences of that tag across all items.


To delete a tag: - Choose the tag you wish to delete from the select menu - Select the X to the right of the tag. - A window will open with the question, "Are you sure?" - Click Delete, and that tag is permanently deleted across your Omeka items. (If you change your mind, close the query window by clicking on the X in the upper right hand corner.)

Sort Tags

The menu above your tags display allows you to sort all of your tags.


The browse tags panel displays all the tags associated with items in your archive, weighted by frequency used. You may sort and view all your tags by most frequently used, by least frequently used, alphabetically, or by most recent tags.