Current version: 1.0.1

The plugin adds a shortcode to create a carousel of items using jCarousel

The basic shortcode is [carousel].

The shortcakes [recent_carousel] and [featured_carousel] are shortcuts to creating a carousel of recent and featured items, respectively

General Options

The carousel shortcode uses the same options as the items, with the exception that has_image is always assumed to be true.

Option Purpose Settings Example
num Specify the number of items returned Must be a whole number [recent_items num=10]
ids Return an item or a list of items, based on item ID numbers. Multiple item IDs can be entered, separated by a comma without any spaces; or a range separated by a hyphen. [items ids=10,76,432] [items ids=30-55]
is_featured Specify whether to return only items that are featured or not featured 1: Return only items that are featured; 0: Return only items that are not featured [collections is_featured=1]
collection Return items only from a specific collection, using the collection ID number. Only one collection may be specified. [items collection=7]
item_type Return only items of a specific item type [items item_type=“still image”]
tags Return only items from a specific tag. Multiple tags can be entered,separated by a comma, without any spaces. [items tags=baseball,math]
user Return only items added by a specific user, using the user ID number. Only one user may be specified. [items user=3]
sort by Elements Specify the element to sort the items by. Must use double quotes, no space after comma The syntax is ”Element Set,Element” [items sort=“Dublin Core,Title”]
sort=added Sort by date added [items sort=added]
sort=modifed Sort by date modified [items sort=modifed]
sort=random Randomly choose from the set of returned items, for example in conjunction with the featured_items shortcode [items num=1 collection=3 sort=random]
sort option order Specify the order of the sorting Note: order requires a sort value to have been specified. a: ascending; d: descending [items num=5 sort=added order=d]

Plugin-specific options

speed: sets the speed for the scrolling animation. May be "fast", "slow", or a time in milliseconds. Default is 400. For example: [carousel speed=slow] or [carousel speed=500]

autoscroll: setting autoscroll=true will make the items automatically scroll

interval: when autoscroll is on, interval sets the interval between scrolling in milliseconds. Default is 3000. For example: [carousel autoscroll=true interval=700]

showtitles: setting showtitles=true will display the item title in the carousel. For example [carousel showtitles=true]