News Welcome Omeka S v.4.1!

A screenshot of an Omeka S site page with an image side by side with a block of text with a grey background and then below a block of text side by side with a two column gallery of image thumbnails.

The arrival of spring yields new growth in so many arenas. Today in Omeka-land, spring yields the release of Omeka S 4.1, a landmark new version of the software that offers site builders and theme writers many, many new tools to make beautiful page layouts and designs.

This release is the follow up to a release candidate that the Omeka Team offered in December 2023. Based on feedback on that candidate, the team worked through the first quarter of the year to further improve the new site page authoring features. Now, users have the power to not only use a grid layout system with page blocks, but also to group those blocks for design and configuration purposes. Each page block now offers a standard set of configuration options, among which are the ability to set alignments, to assign a class, and to chose an asset to use as a background image. Furthermore, page authors can now select a template for an individual block or a whole page if the theme in use provides those templates. Together these new features dramatically increase the amount of control an author can have over the appearance of their site pages. (The changes are fully documented for users in the revised “Site Pages” section of the Omeka S User Manual.)

In addition to the page authoring improvements, the release includes a number of additional improvements, all of which are detailed in the release notes.

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