News New Modules Offer Improved Resource Discoverability and Restricted Access

Omeka S users spend significant time and effort carefully creating and describing the resources that reside in their installations. The Omeka Team knows that those resources are the core of users’ digital publishing work.

As such, we are always striving to improve the ability for external visitors to locate and access those materials. In the service of that goal, we are happy to release

  • Resource Meta: a module that allows administrators to map resource properties to metadata elements, which are then printed in the header for the resource page as metadata tags.

Creating these metadata tags is especially useful for administrators who are interested in web indexing and search engine optimization. The meta tags make resources more discoverable and can be configured to adhire to the requirements for discoverability for various content aggregators, such as Google Scholar. Additionally, these meta tags will make Omeka S resources more fully legible to Zotero.

At the same time, we realize that some digital resources require that their access be restricted to designated users. These restrictions might stem from cultural protocols or accession agreements. To support this type of restricted access, we have created

  • View Private Resources: a module that allows an administrator to adds permissions to the installation’s Researcher role and/or sites’ Author roles, granting those roles the ability to see resources that are marked private.

Install these modules today to improve the discoverability of published resources and to provide limited access to your private ones!

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