News Scripto for Omeka S: now in beta!

Have you had a chance to play around with the beta of Scripto for Omeka S? Scripto is a tool for Omeka which allows you to build community-source transcription projects using the content of your Omeka site.

So what’s new? First of all, Scripto for Omeka S is designed to work as a platform not only for transcription, but translation and description as well! You can customize some of the labels for each Scripto project to make it clear which kind of community contribution you are seeking.

For each Scripto project? Yes! You can make more than one project with Scripto in an Omeka S installation! You could have multiple distinct transcription projects, or a mix of transcription and translation projects. Of course, you can still just have one central project, as we do on the redesigned and updated Papers of the War Department.

While Scripto for Omeka S continues to use MediaWiki to power of the transcription process, just the Omeka Classic version does, administrators no longer need to go back and forth between the interfaces. The essential tools are all part of the Scripto tab in the Omeka S administrative interface: managing reviews, approving community-created content, and sending that content back to the Omeka S site. You can see what material is ready for review by filtering project content to “in progress.”

If you want to see how the public side works, sign up to transcribe with the Papers of the War Department.

To try out the admin view, you will need a working installation of Omeka S running at least version 1.2.0. You will need to install MediaWiki 1.30 or higher on the same server. Because the module is in beta, it is not yet in the Modules Directory, so you will need to download Scripto from GitHub. Instructions for configuring and using the Scripto module are available in a beta user manual. If you run into problems, reach out to us on the Omeka forum.

Please let us know what you think of the beta - feedback helps make Scripto better. You can contact us by leaving issues on the GitHub repository, starting a topic on the forum, or by emailing us at

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