News Geolocation 3.0: Leaflet and more

Big changes have come to the Geolocation plugin for Omeka Classic with today’s release of version 3.0!

This new version uses the open-source Leaflet library to provide maps, rather than Google Maps. Not only does this mean you no longer need to worry about registering for an API key or setting up billing through Google, but you can now choose from a wide variety of base maps, including maps using OpenStreetMap data, maps designed for data visualization, and even maps without labels or human-defined borders. Plus, there’s built-in support for using Mapbox. Mapbox does require an API key (somewhat like Google Maps), but you get access to their pre-built maps as well as the ability to use some more advanced features like uploading and using your own map tiles.

We’ve also added a new feature to Geolocation: clustering map points. With this new option enabled, if you have a number of items in the same or similar locations, they will be grouped together visually when the viewer is more zoomed out, with an indication of the number of items in the group.

We hope you enjoy the revitalized Geolocation! As always, if you run into problems, tell us about them on the forum.

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