News 10th Birthday Stream

A huge thanks goes out to the Omeka community who sent Birthay messages from around the world, tagged with #Omeka10Years.

One of the major themes of these posts show how working with Omeka has been a “gateway drug to DH”. For many, Omeka was the first system they installed or designed content for and have been using it ever since. For example, developer Erin Bell (Curatescape) learned how to code in 2008, “specifically because someone asked me to set up an Omeka site, then asked me to change something.”.

Amanda Visconti, Managing Director at UVA’s Scholars Lab, starting usting Omeka in 2009 and “found clear code” which meant she could “figure out what every file did, really understand what was going on.”

Even as our team received high fives, our Lead Developer, John Flatness, reminded followers of the breadth of the Omeka community by not forgetting to recognize “the 30+ outside developers, hundreds of volunteer translators, and thousands of users asking and answering questions on the forums that all continue to help make Omeka what it is.”

Thanks to all of you–our international collaborative community of users–who continue to support and contribute to Omeka’s longevity. Here to another 10 years!

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