News Come play in the Omeka S Sandbox

Have you been intrigued by the posts and tweets about Omeka S but haven’t quite got around to installing it? Or have you just found out about Omeka S and are wondering what, exactly, it does? We have good news for you!

We are happy to announce the Omeka S Sandbox, a space to explore, play, and test out the functionality of Omeka S!

We have pre-populated the sandbox with items, item sets, resource templates, and a few sites. The sandbox includes many of the modules and themes currently available. Feel free to play around with the existing content or add your own. The site’s content will be reset every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

We have three demo accounts for you to use – log in with one of these emails and passwords:

  • -> password: omekasdemo1

  • -> password: omekasdemo2

  • -> password: omekasdemo3

These accounts give you wide-ranging access to Omeka S as an administrator. We ask that you embrace the spirit of a literal sandbox and play nicely – i.e. not to delete others’ data, as they, too, explore Omeka S. Understanding user permissions is an important aspect of understanding a site, so those demo accounts also allow you to create new users that you can use as you like, just bear in mind the reset schedule!

If you get stuck, check the user manual. Still confused? Ask for help on the Omeka S section of the forum.

If you run into problems accessing the Sandbox please post on the forum rather than leaving a comment here - the forum provides better support options than a blog.

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