News VRA Core Plugin Ready for your Visual Resources

Today, we are releasing the first direct outcome of an initiative funded by the Getty Foundation to make Omeka more usable for visual culture and art history projects: a VRA Core Element Set plugin.

The plugin adds elements from the VRA Core metadata standard to an Omeka site, but it does not replace the existing Dublin Core metadata fields. It includes representations of all the XML elements and attributes from VRA Core. The plugin will help art historians, librarians, and students describe visual resources in more complete ways. Read more about how to install and configure the plugin in the end user Documentation.

Our work represents an effort to address the needs of art historians wanting to build research and teaching projects in Omeka. Over this year, we will design new themes and develop plugins that prioritize some of those needs.

This initiative emerged from feedback we received during RRCHNM’s two digital art history summer institutes, also funded by the Getty Foundation.

The plugin is currently an alpha version – ready for testing and feedback, but not quite yet ready for production. Please test out the plugin, and let us know how it is working for you on the forums, or watch development and add issues on the GitHub repository.

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