News Omeka Update: 2.4

We are pleased to announce the release of Omeka 2.4. Although most of the changes are behind the scenes, they contribute to a smoother operation overall.

We have increased the required version of PHP, now at a minimum of 5.3.2. Be sure to check what version of PHP you are running before you upgrade to ensure that you have a supported version. On the opposite end of things, the latest version, PHP 7, is now supported.

Omeka now uses HTML 5 tags for embedding audio and video, which means that older file formats, such as older Quicktime files, won’t play on the page. If you do have files in those formats on your site, they will simply display as a link to the file, which visitors can then download and play on their local machines. One of the advantages of this change is ensuring playback capabilities across a broad range of current browsers and operating systems, as well as support going forward as browsers continue to improve their HTML 5 media support and remove support for legacy plugins.

There are updates to addons, too. Along with the usual bug fixes and translation updates for the bundled themes and plugins, the 2.4 release includes some new features for Exhibit Builder. Users can now select a specific image to serve as the thumbnail for an exhibit, and can also use a new file-only block layout to highlight and center images on a page.

For a complete list of changes including bug fixes, read the Release Notes.

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