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For some time now, the Omeka team, with funding from the Mellon Foundation, has been hard at work on the design and development of Omeka S, which is a new software package designed for medium and larger organizations.

Since Omeka S development is ongoing, we’ve decided to make it easier for interested developers and testers to try out the most up-to-date version of the software. From this point forward, every two sprints (roughly four weeks) we are going to package a zip of the software for easy installation, and a change log.

An outgrowth of lessons learned and feedback from Omeka users, Omeka S shares an ethos with Omeka Classic (2.x), but none of its code. There are a nice range of features for Omeka S that should make it appealing both to cultural heritage institutions and academic and research libraries, including:

  • the ability to administer many sites from a single installation;

  • a fully functioning Read/Write REST API, which the system uses to execute most of its own core operations;

  • the use of JSON-LD as the native data format, which enmeshes the materials in the LOD universe;

  • native RDF vocabularies (DCMI Terms, DCMI Types, FOAF, BIBO);

  • and a set of modules to aid integration with Fedora, DSpace, Zotero.

A manual for end-users explains the key elements of Omeka S, such as Items, Item Sets, Resource Templates, Media, Users, and Sites.

We hope that after reviewing the technology requirements, you’ll take a few minutes to install

We welcome your feedback on the Dev List.

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