News to Upgrade to 2.2

Exciting news for our users:

The weekend of October 11, 2014, we will be upgrading the system to run the most recent version of the software. This upgrade will mean some downtime for users (through October 13, 2014), but the payoff will be major improvements in appearance and functionality. Check out the post at for more details.

To make this a smooth transition, users will need to take some simple steps to address a few theme configuration changes. We recommend that all site administrators make notes of any existing site configurations. Please note the following changes:

Custom Navigation in themes: Navigation is no longer tied to themes, and the navigation choices you have set in your theme settings WILL BE LOST in the upgrade.

ACTION: You must recreate the custom navigation in the new Appearance→Navigation settings.

Dublin Core fields: You can no longer select which Dublin Core metadata fields you wish to display on the public views of the site by configuring your theme.

ACTION: You must use the new Hide Elements plugin to indicate which fields will be visible. Hide Elements will be available for all users on all plans.

Custom Homepage: All sites will revert to default homepages.

ACTION: You must reselect your custom home page by going to Appearance→Navigation settings, and choosing a homepage from the list under “Select a Homepage.”

Thanks for making note of these shifts, and for spreading the word about the upgrade!

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