News New Contribution Plugin Available for 2.0

By popular demand, the Omeka team is happy to release a new version of the Contribution plugin for Omeka 2!

The new version lets contributors create guest user accounts to better enable multiple contributions. We have also preserved elements from earlier versions of this plugin that allow administrators to configure the form, ask questions of contributors, and for users to contribute anonymously and request that their submissions be kept private.

The new Contribution plugin requires the Guest User plugin, which can also be configured in a variety of ways to foster a community around your collections. We have created detailed documentation to guide you through the process of creating a new collecting site and for upgrading from 1.x. When upgrading, please follow these directions carefully.

We hope that this new version will add to both community development around your site, and the collection of stories and experiences around significant events in our history.

Happy collecting!

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