News Come and get some updates and bugfixes!

The Omeka team has been hard at work making more updates and fixes to the Omeka core and to several plugins.

The Omeka core includes improvements related to the permissions for contributor roles, the display of tags, and the CSS styles for the admin pages. A difficult bug in the Navigation settings was also fixed, as was a problem with confirmation when deleting records.

Localizations for Catalan, Flemish, Dutch, and Portuguese are also updated, and a new localization for Estonian is added.

The bundled Seasons and Berlin themes also contain improved styling.

Exhibit Builder also contains fixes related to contributor roles, and to the search functionality.

Read more details in the release notes.

In plugin-news, CSVImport and Dropbox include fixes to make them compatible with Omeka 2.1. Dropbox also includes many improvements to the user interface, and has added localization support.

Finally, the popular Item Order plugin, which allows you to change the display order of items in a collection, has been updated for the Omeka 2.x series.

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