News Updates for popular addons

The Omeka team is pleased to announce updates to three popular addons to bring them in line with Omeka 1.5.x.

First, the My Omeka plugin, which allows visitors to your site to annotate items and build their own “posters” to organize and display their work, is now updated to work with Omeka 1.5.

Second, for our theme developers, the From Scratch theme, which is designed to jump-start your theme development by providing a simple style-less basis for your own themes, has been updated to reflect current best practices for theme developers. You will see examples of how to properly use Omeka’s localization system and how to add CSS and javascript to your themes.

Last, we will soon be releasing an updated Simple Pages plugin, which will allow you to choose whether to use the HTML editor for each page. Because it is also one of the plugins that are bundled with core Omeka releases, though, we want to give our teams of translators a chance to add in the new translations. We plan to release the update Simple Pages, with the new translations, on Thursday, May 31, 2012.

Thanks, and happy building!

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