News New Plugins for a New Release

Today, we offer a Spring bug fix release, version 1.5.1, which contains a few backend fixes (see release notes) and additional base languages contributed and translated by the Omeka community. See the current list of translations available, and if you don’t see your preferred language, sign up to start your own translation.

Coinciding with this bug-fix release, we are also making two new plugins available and updating a third. Each of these plugins work with Omeka version 1.5 and above.

  1. Library of Congress Suggest: Building on work done for the Library of Congress Subject Headings plugin, LC Suggest extends the functionality by adding an auto-complete feature to almost any metadata field in your Omeka site by pulling results from the Library of Congress’s full list of authorities and controlled vocabularies. The plugin is configurable by end users, within the admin interface.

  2. Item Order: Responding to user feedback, the Item Order plugin allows users to re-order items for public display on the public Collection browse pages from within the admin interface.

  3. Scripto: Updating this plugin fixes a small bug in the plugin libraries. Scripto gives an Omeka site crowdsourcing functionality for any item type. If you are interested in testing Scripto with Omeka, try it out in our Sandbox site.

We are happy to see the Omeka user base continue to grow. We have noticed many more members of the community are helping on the forums and teaching Omeka workshops–one person even offered to host one in her own living room! Thank you for spreading the Omeka love and for contributing back to the project.

Happy Spring!

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