News Mon Dieu! Omeka is coming to your language!

The next release of Omeka will include internationalization, which gives our loyal Omekans one more way to contribute to the project: by helping us translate Omeka into your favorite non-English language!

We are using the site to manage our translations, which will then be shipped with the next version of Omeka. To work on a translation, just register for a free account there, and go to the Omeka project page. Translation work is organized into teams for each language, so click the teams tab to see what languages have already been started. If someone has already started working on your language, follow that link, and ask to join that team. If not, request to create a new team for your language. Additional information is in the Translate Omeka page in our documentation.

Have some spare time over the holidays? Want to contribute to Omeka while you exercise your language skills? Then sign up for a account and help us bring Omeka to an even wider audience!

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