News New and Improved Documentation

The Omeka team is very happy to announce some new and improved ways to help you get the most out of Omeka.

First, we have done some housekeeping work on our main documentation page. We’ve removed some clutter and added some better developed resources to make it easier for you to find what you need to get started.

Second, for people writing themes or plugins, or just making tweaks and adjustments to existing one, we have done some work to formalize and clarify how to write documentation for functions. We’ll be aiming to revise existing documentation to make it consistent with that template. This will be a community effort. Following a call to help us make Omeka better, we have a documentation working group of active Omeka users to whom we are very grateful for helping with that effort.

Last, we have introduced a new component to our documentation: “recipes” that provide real problems and solutions that the community has encountered. Like the function documentation, we invite anyone to register on the Omeka wiki and contribute. There is also a guide to how to write recipe pages. If you have created a particular effect or solved a small issue, you can help the Omeka community by sharing what you came up with. If you have learned from a thread in the Omeka forums, writing a recipe that distills your new knowledge is a great way to solidify it while you help others.

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