News Batch Edit Items this Summer with 1.4

You asked for it early in our development cycle, and now it is finally available: batch editing of items. In the newest point release of Omeka, version 1.4, admin users will now be able to select multiple items and change the item type, add tags, associate items with a collection, make items public or not public, feature or un-feature items, or delete the selected items.

Also, on the admin side, users will find the same item sorting functionality added in 1.3 by column title, plus will see a new toggle to switch from a basic to a detailed view when browsing all items or for viewing the details of one item at a time.

We updated the Zend and jQuery libraries, which will not be evident from logging in to the admin but will be important for developers. Developers may also be interested in new functions available, all of which are listed in the 1.4 Release Notes.

Update and download version 1.4 today. Please let us know how it works and how you like the new functionality.

Happy Summer!

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