News Plugin Updates for 1.3

The team is happy to announce updates for more plugins that work with Omeka versions 1.3+.

  • The Dropbox provides users with an easy way to batch upload files by creating items directly from files or by associating files with individual items. The newest version, 0.5, offers better direction to users if there are permission errors in the Dropbox directory.

  • Image Annotation 1.0 provides a way for users to select an area of an image and attach notes. Those notes are accessible on the public items/show page. We should note that you may need to tweak your theme to accommodate the annotated images particularly if other plugins with public views, such as geolocation, are activated on individual item pages.

  • The Contribution plugin, which allows web visitors to contribute stories, images, and other items to your Omeka site, is now configurable through the admin interface in version 2.1. Unlike earlier versions that required users to edit files in the plugin’s directory, now users may select the types of items to be contributed and tailor questions for their users in the plugin’s dashboard.

  • The Geolocation plugin 1.2, that allows users to locate items on a Google map, now contains additional configurations in the plugin panel, including the option for adding a link to browsing the map in the tems/browse navigation.

  • Lastly, the Zotero Import plugin, version 1.2, fixes some bugs users experienced when importing data from Zotero libraries.

Check them out, and let us know what you think!

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