News Omeka 1.3.1

In response to user feedback on the forums, (many thanks to CathyHajo and pcoutas), we created Omeka 1.3.1 as a bug-fix release that correctly migrates and displays collector names for collections. Upgrading to Omeka 1.3 caused collector names to be lost if the collector was associated with an institution.

To fix this problem, users will need to upgrade to 1.3.1, but must do so from a 1.2.x database backup to retain the original collector names. If you do not have a 1.2.x backup, then you must add collectors for each collection by hand. We apologize for this oversight.

This version contains a few other fixes:

  • Uses operating system time zone if one is not set in PHP 5.3.

  • Correctly generates paths to files when using item_file() helper.

  • Fixes installer to prevent installation from breaking when non-alphanumeric characters are used for username.

You can read the release notes, or head over to the download page to get 1.3.1.

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