News Plugin Rush 2010

We are trying something new this year and launching our first Omeka Plugin Rush. The Omeka Team needs help building plugins, so we decided to turn to our Omeka developer community for some assistance. Will you help us?

What, you might ask, will developers get in return for this work? In addition to the public praise the Omeka team will heap upon you, we will send along a mystery box of SWAG and a cash prize–each plugin pays a different amount depending on difficulty.

While we appreciate your ideas for plugins, we have a few in mind for the Rush. By May 1, 2010, we want working code for the following plugins:

  • Flickr importer–grab images, metadata and imports into Omeka.($250)

  • User tagging–allow anonymous users to tag items on public site. ($100)

  • Autocomplete for metadata–make data entry easier by suggesting previously used terms for each field with a dropdown box.($100)

  • Timeline Widget– allow users to add a SIMILE Timeline widget to their theme.($100)

  • Feed Importer ($250)–import data from Atom and RSS feeds.

  • Flash Wrapper ($100)–displays movie files with an embedded flash video player widget.

If you are interested in “rushing”, please do the following:

  • Check out the specs for each plugin.

  • Email our dev team(will at omeka dot org) stating which plugin you want to build and include a quick proposal or outline for approaching the code (Only one plugin per person or team).

  • Wait for dev team response. They will review proposals, make suggestions, and contact applicants to assign plugins. Once a plugin is assigned, it will come off of the list.

This Plugin Rush will be managed and updated on the dev list, and then we will announce the developers on the blog once the code is available for download in the Omeka plugin directory.

This is a great opportunity to test your skills, help an open-source community, and get a box of random things from the Omeka Team.

Tell your friends!

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