News License items in Omeka using the Creative Commons Chooser plugin

I’m pleased to announce the release of a frequently requested plugin, the Creative Commons Chooser. This plugin was created by a member of our open source community, Mohit Gupta.

Creative Commons Chooser allows site administrators to associate Creative Commons licenses with individual Omeka items by providing a Commons License Chooser in the admin interface. Items in your Omeka archive can be licensed individually, and a single license can be applied as a default setting for new items added to your archive.

Mohit is currently a graduate student at the UC Berkeley School of Information studying the role of information systems in preservation of cultural histories and in evolving interactions with urban spaces. If you’re like Mohit and developing your own plugins or themes, drop us a line on the developer mailing list and we can set you up with access to our addons repository to release the code.

The latest release of the Creative Commons Chooser plugin can be downloaded from our new and improved Add Ons Directory!

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