News Omeka 1.1 Drops Today

The leaves are changing in Northern Virginia and it’s time for another Omeka release. Omeka version 1.1 fixes several bugs, includes the newest version of Exhibit Builder, and offers a few new features.

In 1.1., users will have more control over their installation through the admin interface, such as:

  • Toggling more easily between the public site and the item and collection pages by clicking on a new ‘View on Public Site’ link;

  • Browsing through more than 10 collections;

  • Managing and upgrading plugins;

  • Displaying only item fields containing metadata on the public site with a new setting in the theme panel (without needing to edit on the server).

For those interested XML outputs, version 1.1 implements our own Omeka XML schema, which we used to add a new omeka-json and omeka-xml output. All of these outputs are available on items/browse and items/show pages. (Read more about Omeka’s Response Formats).

We made Omeka 1.1 compatible with the latest version of PHP, and also fixed issues some users experienced when installing and running many different plugins simultaneously.

We strongly recommend that users upgrade their installations to Omeka 1.1 to take advantage of increased security and protection against a cross-site scripting vulnerability present in previous versions of the software. Consult the codex for more detailed information.

A full description of the changes and updates in version 1.1 is available in the Release Notes.

We hope you like the improvements found in Omeka 1.1. As always, please let us know how things are working on the forums or on the dev list.

Download Omeka 1.1.

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