News Releasing ExhibitBuilder Plugin (version 0.5)

We are happy to release ExhibitBuilder plugin version 0.5. Here are the major changes for 0.5:

  • Adds pagination for exhibits in the admin.

  • Gives Contributor users the ability to add/edit their own Exhibits, adds a function to check user permissions for a specific exhibit.

  • Fixes the problem of displaying special characters in exhibit layouts.

  • Fixes CSS bug where the breadcrumb would hide parts of the exhibit admin forms.

Developers will be interested in these more technical changes:

  • Adds an exhibit builder dropdown navigation helper function called exhibit_builder_select_exhibit.

  • Adds an option to the exhibit_builder_page_nav that allows the pages to be displayed by the page title or the page order number.

Please test the plugin and give us feedback on the Omeka Forums or Omeka Developer List.

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