News Cinco de 'meka

Grab a margarita or add a slice of lime to your favorite soft drink, because we are celebrating “Cinco de ‘meka” here at CHNM. What is happening, you ask? Well, the Omeka team is releasing the Omeka 1.0 Beta (zip file) today and we can’t resist a good play on words.

This beta includes all of the features we will release with the stable 1.0 later this month. We hope you’ll give it a try and give us some feedback on the dev list or in the forums.

This beta includes some of the following changes and improvements to the system:

  • Support for displaying and updating icons of your choice to associate with different file types.

  • an Autocomplete function when tagging items;

  • design enhancements of the admin interface;

  • a “Remember Me” checkbox on login that will keep users logged in for 2 weeks;

  • bug fixes for the admin HTML editor for IE6/IE7 users.


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