News Omeka 1.0 Alpha

The Omeka team is pleased to announce the release of version 1.0 Alpha. This version of Omeka includes:

  • New helper functions and updates current helper function;

  • Enhancements and fixes bugs throughout the admin panel;

  • An autocompleter to the tags field for items;

  • Filtering for the users list in the admin;

  • An upgrade notification to admin dashboard if you’re version of Omeka is older than the latest stable release.

  • A “Remember Me” checkbox to the login.

  • A global view page and helpers for file metadata, which will allow you to edit file metadata and display it in public themes.

  • See the detailed release notes for more info.

As with 0.10 Alpha we released last fall, we’ve tried to make the 1.0 Alpha as stable as possible, but since this is an alpha release for testing and feedback from the Omeka community, we advise you not to use this on a production site. Instead, copy your database from a preexisting Omeka site, or create a separate install to try it out. If you do check it out and would like to provide feedback to the Omeka team, please post to the Alpha Release forum or join the Omeka-Dev group on Google Groups.

So, go download Omeka 1.0 Alpha and tell us what you think!

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