News Stable 0.10 Release

Just in time for the holiday season, the Omeka team has a special gift for you: a stable version of Omeka 0.10. This version is a recommended upgrade that fixes several bugs since the 0.10beta release, and includes the following changes:

  • Updates to the SimplePages plugin to fix a permissions problem with displaying public pages

  • Prepackages the HtmlPurifier plugin with Omeka, which adds an extra layer of security to both administrative panel and public-facing forms

  • Improvements to styles and markup in the two pre-packaged themes

So go download the 0.10 stable version of Omeka, and let us know what you think in the forums, on the dev list, on Twitter!

As a holiday bonus, we have also upgraded some plugins and released some new ones.  For your treats, check out the plugins page.

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