News Omeka 0.10 Beta Preview Available

We’ve created a zipped download for the 0.10 Beta Preview release, and we’re asking for your help in testing it. This version of Omeka is a preview of what’s to come in our full beta release of 0.10, and isn’t designed for use on production sites. Rather, it’s your chance to give us feedback on bugs that have arisen since our last release.

As Jeremy noted last month with the release of the 0.10 Alpha version, we’ve implemented a new data model based upon an unqualified Dublin Core standard, and implemented new plugin and theme APIs.

The Exhibit Builder feature of Omeka, which was previously part of the core software, has become a separate downloadable plugin that will also pre-packaged with the upcoming 0.10 beta release. This change will allow for greater flexibility in updating the plugin more often than the core of the software by allowing its separate development.

The most notable changes to the Exhibit Builder include updating the plugin API to be compatible with 0.10, adding exhibit page titles and slugs, and improving the interface for building exhibits by adding greater navigation and consistency.

There are several key functions of Omeka and the Exhibit Builder that need to be tested:

  • Does Omeka and Exhibit Builder successfully migrate your old data from previous versions?

  • Do you have issues when using a specific browser?

Please post your feedback as either a comment on this blog post, or on the Omeka Developer Google Group as a new thread. Thanks very much for your feedback as we move toward 0.10 beta! Please go download 0.10 beta preview, and let us know how it works for you!

EDIT (10/27/2008) In the 0.10 Beta Preview, the db.ini file has been moved to the root of the application. When installing 0.10, you’ll notice this file has been moved from the application/config/ folder. That should be the only change in the installation process from 0.9.

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