News Omeka at RepoCamp

Omeka made an eventful showing at RepoCamp last Friday. Sponsored by the Common Repository Interfaces Group (CRIG), RepoCamp was a “free and open event where folks who are interested in managing and creating digital repository software and their contents can gather and share ideas, innovations, trials and tribulations.” Many people expressed interest in Omeka and, more importantly, made suggestions about how it could be made better.

One thing that struck me was CRIG’s tagline: “The coolest thing to do with your data will be thought of by someone else.” This humbling yet pragmatic expression befits Omeka’s focus on an open and active community. We readily acknowledge that our users have some of the best ideas about how to use Omeka to its fullest potential. We get great ideas almost every day from our forums and our dev list. And the people at RepoCamp came up with some ingenious ways to harness new standards and technologies to improve and enhance our software. It is unmistakable that the coolest things being done with Omeka is done by you, our users.

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