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Have you started using the Sitenotes plugin?

This simple function gives Omeka site administrators a place to leave instructions, style sheets, interpretations of Dublin Core fields, or any other notes for the back-end users. Once activated, a new tab appears on the top navigation bar of the admin panel that is accessible to all back-end users regardless of their permission levels. Editing the Sitenotes opens a large text box or “write board” where you can paste, write, edit, and delete text.

Sitenotes may not be useful for everyone, but it can be helpful. If you have a large project team with individuals working intermittently on the Omeka-based archive, Sitenotes can act as a bulletin board for posting messages that connect users. It can also be particularly useful if you develop guidelines for interpreting Dublin Core fields. We all know how easy it is to confuse contributors, collectors, and creators. Sitenotes helps to ensure that you develop consistent metadata.

You can see how to install Sitenotes in this week’s screencast.

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