News Screencast Friday 4: Create a Collection

This week, learn how to create a collection for items in your archive.

If you are interested in using collections remember that first you must create a collection, then you can associate items with it. Additionally, an item may only belong to one collection at a time. Because of this limitation, tags are a great way to assist your online visitors in finding items while they browse.

For those of you familiar with physical collections, remember that your digital Omeka archive need not replicate the collections in your museum, library, or archive. You can use the Dublin Core metadata to identify a digital object as belonging to a specific collection, say, through the Source field. Or, you may modify an existing item type by adding another metafield. If you desire, the online collection can be less about donors and owners and more about themes and subjects.

Of course, how you organize your digital archive with Omeka is completely up to you.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

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