News Omeka 0.9.2 is Available

This release fixes a few known bugs that may have rendered Omeka unusable under certain circumstances. As a result, I would encourage anyone who has had problems installing or using Omeka to upgrade to this latest version. If you still have problems after that, we’re happy to help; just let us know on the forums. If you haven’t had any problems with Omeka, then this update is recommended but not required. Here is a list of changes since our last release (also available in changelog.txt in your Omeka root folder):

  • Fixed an error with base URL generation that was causing problems with loading Javascript files and CSS.

  • Fixed a problem with file uploads that was causing it to fail when saving to the database.

  • Fixed a bug with invalid timestamps in the users_activations table.

  • Fixed a naming conflict with pre-existing PEAR modules by reseting Omeka’s include path.

  • Fixed an SQL bug that caused searching by multiple tags to retrieve no results.

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