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Some of you out there might want to start working up theme of your own. While you could just start with a black css file, or try hacking up one of the pre-packaged theme, we thought it might be easier if you there was a template to work off of. So we present a new theme, From Scratch.

This isn’t a theme in any normal sense because it is completely styleless. Once you install it, your Omeka installation will become the ugliest of blue links on a white background. But what Jeremy and I worked to do was include every default element, class, and id that is common across Omeka themes. So for those of you interested in building something from the ground up, this theme should give you a nice starting point. And if you stick to the general plan it outlines, it should allow your theme to be portable across multiple Omeka installations if you choose to share it.

So go grab From Scratch over in the theme directory, and have at it!

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