News Access Your Documents in Omeka with iPaper and PdfMeNot

In our ongoing effort to make Omeka a better tool to access your documents online, we are proud to announce the release of the iPaper and PdfMeNot plugins.

Developed by the document sharing company Scribd, iPaper is a “document format built for the Internet.” With Omeka’s iPaper plugin you’ll be able to automatically convert your documents to the iPaper format and embed them into your website. All you need is to register for a free Scribd Platform API account, install and configure the Omeka iPaper plugin, and your documents will be available for browsing and searching directly in your web browser. Supported documents include Portable Document Format (pdf), Microsoft Word (doc), PowerPoint (ppt), and most OpenDocument formats.

Developed by the web startup workshop Stateless Systems, PdfMeNot is another free service that converts your documents to a format that is viewable within in your web browser. With Omeka’s PdfMeNot plugin you’ll be able to automatically convert your .pdf files and embed them directly into your website. PdfMeNot only supports Portable Document Format (pdf).

Both plugins are fully configurable and easy to use. The iPaper and PdfMeNot document viewers will be available on the administrative item show pages by default. If you wish to embed them in your public theme, see these directions. Have fun with the plugins and tell us what you think.

Download the iPaper plugin Download the PdfMeNot plugin

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