Use of Omeka for Pure-Data Project

We are looking for a tool that will allow a large group to crowdsource the indexing of a number of publications. If the publications are not going to be displayed, but the index records will be structured text with links to outside sources, is Omeka the tool for that? The indexed items could number in the millions. Can items be entered into Omeka in a tabular format--like a spreadsheet? Thanks for any advice you al can give.

You can create Omeka items by setting up the data in a spreadsheet and then using the CSV Import plugin.

Omeka might not be the best tool for the job, though. It's really geared toward display, mostly on a single-record basis and then in user-defined Exhibits. Of course, you could use it to just hold a bunch of records, but I think whether this is a good idea would depend on what you're planning to do with those records once they're in Omeka.

Maybe a small-scale test would be in order?

Thanks so much, John. Do you happen to know what might be a better tool for a huge index of genealogical records--created by many people? It will be text and html links.