Transfer items via admin page


I am trying to move 1000+ items from an old Omeka installation to a new site. What would be the easiest / safest way to transfer this data?



Are you just trying to move the entire site over to another installation or make a copy of it, or are you trying to merge the 1,000 items with some existing site that already has items?

I have one site, which has over 1000 items, and I want to move those items over to a brand new site with no items.

My first thought was to try and move it via the Admin page, but I don't see any way of moving the items over en masse.

I guess what I'm asking is: do you want to just move the items, or move the entire site?

Moving the site is easier, just the moving to another server instructions.

I get ya. Here is the whole situation:

Right now we have 2 separate Omeka sites on 2 different servers, I will call them Omeka A and Omeka B.

I also have a brand new Omeka test site (Omeka Test)

I just got finished upgrading both sites so they are both running the exact same (and latest) version.

Ideally, my clients want to move the Omeka A site, to a new server, and have the items in Omeka A be accessible by the Omeka B site.

Right now I am trying to figure out if there is an easy way to move the items from one Omeka site to another as a proof of concept for just migrating the items of Omeka A onto a new blank site (Omeka Test).

It isn't released yet -- still some testing at work -- but the APIImport plugin might help for just migrating items.