Moving to Another Server

Before Moving

If your objective is to migrate content (items, collections, exhibits, etc), you may want to consider using the Omeka API Import plugin rather than manually moving your content. Note that the import only transfers data accessible to the API; the importer will not transfer theme or plugin customizations, for example. Note, too, that not all plugins expose their data via the API, and not all plugins work with the API Import plugin.

Before moving an existing Omeka project from one server to another, you should upgrade your existing installation to the latest version.

How to Move an Existing Omeka Install

To move an existing Omeka install, you need to move a) the information in the database, and b) the files. The basic procedure for transferring both is this:

  1. Export your existing database as a .sql file. There are pretty good instructions on how to do this using either phpMyAdmin or the command line, with screenshots, at (Omeka is very similar to WordPress).
  2. Import your old database into the new server using the .sql file you created in the previous step. Again, you can use phpMyAdmin or the command line.
  3. Upload a clean copy of the Omeka install files to the new server. Fill out the db.ini file with the credentials for your new copy of the database that you just imported.
  4. Download files and folders from the old server to the hard drive of your computer. The files and folders you will need are these:
    • In versions 1.5 and below:
      • archive/
      • plugins/
      • themes/
      • any other files you have personally modified
    • In versions 2.0 and above:
      • files/
      • plugins/
      • themes/
      • any other files you have personally modified
  5. Upload these files and folders to the new server, overwriting the existing ones.
  6. Reactivate your plugins and your theme.

You may have to reset the permissions for the files folder and its subfolders, and for any plugins that require directories to be writable. See Setting Directory Permissions for more details.

If you have trouble, submit your question to the forums.