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I'm new to Omeka and haven't found an answer yet, I'm searching. What kind of data can be exported to the Description section? I need to display for users an easily readable layout grid showing what's in each comma delimited field transcribed from 1800 birth records. Not all fields will be displayed, but they should be searchable. After all transcriptions are completed (approx 6,000 records) the data will be aggregated in a single excel spreadsheet for researchers. For now, individual images are being transcribed into a excel template, but only key info will be put into the Description Section. How wide can the Description section be before it line wraps and can it contain a word/text document or excel sheet for indexing/searching by Omeka?

Have you taken the chance to try out Omeka in the sandbox? You might be able to see some of the answers to your questions that way.

I haven't yet, but I will try later this week. I've noticed that as you zoom in or out of the page with the description, each line item expands and wraps or shrinks to a single line. So it could be a mute point if the width is dynamic.