Try Omeka Before Installing

The Omeka Sandbox is a demo installation where you can test the software before downloading your own copy. In the sandbox you can add and edit items, collections, and build exhibits using the Exhibit Builder plugin that's pre-installed.

The sandbox slightly differs from your own installation of Omeka, because you cannot upload files, customize the CSS of the page, or develop your own plugins and themes to extend the Sandbox. The example allows you to "play" with an array of different file types that we've prepopulated the database with. We encourage you to edit the metadata, explore the administrative interface, and switch the themes to begin to explore how Omeka works.

To access the administrative panel, visit: The public interface you'll be modifying is accessible at

The metadata and files included in the Sandbox are refreshed each night, so any changes you make will be erased by the end of the day.

Login Information

At the login screen, enter demo as the username and sandbox as the password.