Problem with audio files

There seems to be a glitch with audio files, where a player doesn't appear on the page - if it's mp3, the file just starts playing, for wmv files, it doesn't play at all. Here is an example Is this a known issue and/or is there anything I can change to have an audio player appear on the item page?

When I view that in Chrome and Safari, I get a "missing plugin" message.

Do you have HTML5 Media installed?

So I was actually able to play this file in Firefox and Safari, but not Chrome by enabling a plugin, but my coworkers tell me that didn't work for them. I was hoping there was a solution that would work consistently across browsers.

It looks to me like the plugin involved is browser-specific, not an Omeka plugin. I'm seeing mixed results across browsers, too. The HTML5 Media plugin mebrett linked to might help, as long as you are running Omeka 2.0 or higher.

Could you tell us the version of Omeka you are running?

We currently have 1.5.3 but are in the process of upgrading. I was hoping that the upgrade might help the issue, but we're getting some comments about usability of audio files now, so I wanted to try and fix it in 1.5.3 also.

We're having a similar problem with a site running v. 2.1.2. In Chrome, audio files play automatically when the page loads. We're not using HTML5 plugin. Please let us know how you resolve this.
And, great and important site.