HTML5 Media by John Flatness

Enables HTML5 for media files using MediaElement.js.

This plugin uses John Dyer’s MediaElement.js to play audio and video files across devices and browsers with HTML5.

H.264 video (often a .mp4 file) is the best-supported, but many other audio and video formats are supported too.

The latest versions are compatible with Omeka 2.0 and up. For the last version compatible with Omeka 1.5, download version 1.1.

For version history, see the plugin’s GitHub.

License: GPLv3

Download v2.5

All Versions

Omeka Minimum Omeka Target Release Date 19, 2015 25, 2015 28, 2014 12, 2013 20, 2013 29, 2013 25, 2013 22, 2012