Omeka On Android

Hello All, My name is Ahmad and it's my first post on omeka Forums.
i would ask after i have installed and configured omeka i added one item and everything is working okay which has a song as a type.
i can listen to the song from the computer but when trying from the phone that will not work as Android doesn't support Quick Player .

can you suggest please and thank you for your cooperation.

You could try using the HTML5 Media plugin.

That plugin replaces the object tag based player Omeka normally uses with an HTML5 player, which should be better supported on mobile devices like Androids.

Dear John ,

Nice Too meet you.

i would thank you for your Help But when i have downloaded this Plugin , you are right it's working now on mobile but unfortunately it's not worked yet on windows as the last doesn't support the HTML5 Player actually I'm searching for something applicable to windows also to android thank you a lot for your help.

What browser for Windows did you try (or which ones do you need to support is maybe the better question)?

The underlying library the HTML5 Media plugin uses supports browsers back to IE 6, and the other major browsers have HTML5 media support for reasonably-recent versions.

The plugin does rely on a Flash fallback to support MP3s on IE and Firefox, though. Do you have Flash installed?

yap after installing Html5 Media plugin it's worked on Android and Internet explorer but it doesn't work on Firefox i will search why and get back to you for any help thank you.