Migrating Wordpress to Omeka.org

Hello, much like my previous question about .net to .org transfer we are working on a massive migration project to .org however a number of our exhibits were created as wordpress sites. Is there any way to transfer between the two while keeping the data of the wordpress site? (in other words getting images, audio, etc. in addition to text)

There's not really a good, handy way that I know of to transfer from a WordPress site to an Omeka site.

That said, if you can find a WordPress plugin that will export data to a CSV file, you might try the CSV Import plugin.

You might also see if Daniel K-M's XML Import plugin will work on the RSS or Atom feed for the site.

How can we go about getting a plug in added to a .net site that isn't in the prepackaged ones? The above on eis where we would like to test the xml import.

Omeka.net sites only come with the prepackaged ones for your plan. You can't add your own.